Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 3
                                                     final Resume
Last name: Jones    First name: barren
Address: 1371 East Rittenhouse St.
Phone: 267-616-4692

For my career I want to be a psychologist so I can help people who have emotional physical or mental problems. I also want to explore other jobs and see what I like the most. In 10 years I would try get a promotion or be assistant manager. I have recently graduated from Henry. H Houston (2009 2014) and I am now in Roxborough high school (2014 present). In 2013 I worked with my uncle in his Barber shop I sweep and ran errands for people and I also went out to get lunch.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 2
The three jobs I choose from last week was a video maker a psychologist and a medical administrator. For a psychologist the median wage is $33.31 dollars an hour and the yearly wage is $69,280 I need a bachelors degree for this. The reason I choose to be a psychologist is because I like helping people with emotional social and behavior problems without prescribing medicine Most clinical, counseling, and research psychologists need a doctoral degree. I want to be or video maker because this is my true dream the median wage in for hour is $34.31 and $71,350 yearly you need a I need a bachelors degree to be a video maker. And for the medical administrator the average wage is $42.59 per hour and 88,580 yearly for this you need a bachelors degree.